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What is the High Pay Centre?

The High Pay Centre is a think tank.  It was established by Deborah Hargreaves to continue the work of the independent High Pay Commission. The High Pay Centre will look at issues that are crucial to the debate on responsible capitalism. These include whether shareholders are capable of holding companies to account, how far employees should be involved in corporate decision-making and high pay beyond our boardrooms. The centre will produce high quality research to inform the public debate and contribute to policy proposals that will help businesses work more transparently and efficiently.

Who funds the High Pay Centre?

The High Pay Centre’s work is supported by a range of trusts and foundations.  We believe that transparency in funding is essential for any organisation providing data and publishing research and so will publish all those donating over £5,000.

Our current sources of funding for projects in 2018/19 are:

Funding from previous years can be found via our annual accounts, listed via the Companies House website.


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