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The latest news and views from the High Pay Centre.

Barclays deserves some credit for coming clean on pay bands

13 Mar 2013: The bank has created 428 new millionaires. But the new bosses have started a process of pay reform, which is important to follow through

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High Pay is inextricably linked to poverty

12 Mar 2013: Luke Hildyard blogs about our new report on wealth redistribution, for the Shifting Grounds website

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Stock markets serve the users more than anyone else

12 Mar 2013: Performance-related pay should be scrapped says leading Government adviser

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Europe’s bonuses no longer endless

1 Mar 2013: Luke Hildyard writes for the Shifting Grounds website on the EU bonus cap

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Event Presentation: Global CEO Mobility

14 Feb 2013: Presentation from The High Pay Centre Seminar on Global CEO Mobility, 12th February 2013

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Seven Reasons to Feel Good about Yourself When Your Bonus is Zero

4 Feb 2013: Luke Hildyard writes for eFinance on the damage caused by excessive bonuses in the banking and finance sectors

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How the bonus culture is holding UK businesses back

24 Jan 2013: High Pay Centre Head of Research Luke Hildyard details the findings of our recent report on performance-related pay for the Shifting Grounds website

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Paid to Perform Seminar - Presentation Slides

22 Jan 2013: Slides of the presentations gives at The High Pay Centre seminar 'Paid to Perform'

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Wider economic change critical to Labour’s response on social security

8 Jan 2013: Why does the Labour Party get more fired up about the narrow issue of specific spending cuts than the prospect of more radical economic reform? Luke Hildyard writes for Labour List

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The Bank of England’s governor’s huge salary is bolstered by amazing perks

24 Dec 2012: Average earnings stay strangled but still a corporate elite is getting richer while society pays the price. Deborah Hargreaves writes for the Guardian

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Back to reality: Why pay in the banking sector still needs urgent reform

19 Dec 2012: High Pay Centre Head of Research Luke Hildyard writes for efinance

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Event Report: State of Pay

18 Dec 2012: Report on the launch event for the State of Pay Report held on the 17th December 2012

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Event report: Women on Boards - An International Conference

13 Dec 2012: On the 12th of December, The High Pay Centre held an international conference in partnership with The Guardian and The Friedrich Ebert Stiftung to debate the issue of gener diversity on boards and mandatory quotas

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‘Unjustifiable’ CEO pay rises continue to soar in face of weak Government response

3 Dec 2012: New report from the High Pay Centre reveals executive pay increases slipping under the radar

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Event: Fabian Society Annual Conference 2013

19 Nov 2012: The High Pay Centre are pleased to announce the Fabian Society Annual Conference: Next State

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