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The latest news and views from the High Pay Centre.

Quantum of not very much solace

27 Jul 2016: Good as far as it goes, which was not far enough: the Investment Association's executive pay working group report

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New PM spells big change for boards

22 Jul 2016: A piece by Stefan Stern in the Financial Times on 21.7.2016

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Women on boards…discussing men’s pay

5 Jul 2016: Very few FTSE100 companies pass the "Bechdel" test

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Welfare for the wealthy

19 May 2016: The UK's income tax regime is not as progressive as you think. By Jolyon Maugham QC

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Shareholder Rights Directive - may the IVth be with you

29 Apr 2016: Waiting for the Shareholder Rights Directive is a bit like Waiting for Godot

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Statement on BP shareholder vote

14 Apr 2016: A great moment - be part of it

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No change there, then

13 Apr 2016: Contrary to what you may have been told, top pay is still rising fast

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Equal Measures

15 Mar 2016: The High Pay Centre's response to the government's consultation on new gender pay gap reporting requirements

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What’s my motivation?

17 Feb 2016: In response to Prof Adrian Furnham's recent talk at the High Pay Centre, deputy director Paul Marsland reflects on the concept of motivation

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Progress and the gentleman from The Times

25 Jan 2016: A startling column by Matthew Parris shows that concern about excessive pay is shared across the political spectrum

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Some misconceptions about high pay

22 Jan 2016: The dust has settled on "Fat Cat Tuesday". No good arguments have been offered in defence of excessive pay. What does this tell us?

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Fat Cat Tuesday 2016

4 Jan 2016: Top bosses will already have made more money by the first Tuesday of 2016 than the typical UK worker will earn all year

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2015 Research in Review

16 Dec 2015: A look at our research from this past year, including our major projects on performance related pay and pay ratios

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Shareholder Rights Directive - latest developments (or lack of them)

16 Nov 2015: Progress (such as it is) is slow and uncertain on the Shareholder Rights Directive

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Talk About Low Expectations

9 Nov 2015: Our analysis of PwC's new report on bonus target disclosure by FTSE100 companies.

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