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Whoever you vote for, big business gets in…

Wednesday 19 November 2014

The Wesley Hotel
81-103 Euston Street
London NW1 2EZ

Over the course of a six-month project funded by Barrow-Cadbury Trust, the High Pay Centre (HPC) has examined the political power of business in the United Kingdom, specifically if corporate influence over politicians acts as a barrier to effective measures to address the problem of excessive pay and inequality.  

As part of this project, HPC hosted several roundtable discussions to explore various aspects of corporate power, including corporate governance, tax avoidance, and lobbying.  HPC is producing a video from our discussion series and also asked the experts who spoke at the roundtables to write essays on corporate power.  

This event will launch the essay collection and video.  Economist John Kay, Tamasin Cave, co-author of A Quiet Word: Lobbying, Crony Capitalism, and Broken Politics in Britain, Janet Williamson from the TUC, and High Pay Centre Deputy Director Luke Hildyard will join us for a panel discussion on the political power of big business and how to bring the debate about the appropriate role of business in government into the public mainstream.  

This event is free and open to the public, but RSVPs are required.  To reserve a place please email

Posted on 16 September 2014

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