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Hidden Talent 2: Has workforce reporting by the FTSE 100 improved?

HPC research carried out on behalf of the Pensions and Lifetime Savings Association analyses disclosure of employment models and working practices in company's annual reports

New research by the Pension and Lifetime Savings Association (PLSA) and the High Pay Centre shows FTSE-100 companies still have some way to go to achieve best practice on reporting employment practices despite increased public scrutiny and regulatory focus on disclosure.

The latest review of disclosure practices in the annual reports of the largest listed companies in the UK, Hidden Talent Part 2: Has workforce reporting by the FTSE 100 improved?, builds on a similar report based on research conducted in June 2017.

Across the themes of workforce composition, stability, skills and capabilities, and engagement, there were some instances where workforce reporting by FTSE 100 firms had improved. These included more reporting of aggregated turnover rate (31% as of December 2018 vs 18% in June 2017), proportion of full- and part-time staff (11% vs 4%) and evidence of motivation and commitment towards corporate goals, such as employee awards and schemes designed to foster teamwork (54% vs 30%).

However, there remains significant room for improvement in reporting on other key workforce issues. Meaningful reporting on issues achieving prominence in recent policy debates such as mental health (where just 3% of companies disclose mental health sickness rates), the ethnicity pay gap (3% disclosure) or age diversity (7% disclosure) remains rare. We hope this will improve over time, particularly as new regulation comes in, although forward-looking companies should be expected to go further.

The report also found that:

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Posted on 2 April 2019

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