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About us

The High Pay Centre is an independent non-party think tank focused on pay at the top of the income scale. We argue that  growing differences in pay between high and low earners are neither fair nor proportionate, and campaign to reduce the income gap between the super rich and the rest of the population.

We aim to produce high quality research and develop a greater understanding of top rewards, company accountability and business performance. We will communicate evidence for change to policymakers, companies and other interested parties to build a consensus for business renewal.

The High Pay Centre is resolutely independent and strictly non-partisan. It is increasingly clear that there has been a policy and market failure in relation to pay at the top of companies and the structures of business over a period of years under all governments. This has resulted in a number of socially and economically damaging outcomes. It is now essential to persuade all parties that there is a better way.

The High Pay Centre was formed following the findings of the High Pay Commission. The High Pay Commission was an independent inquiry into high pay and boardroom pay across the public and private sectors in the UK, launched in 2009. To read the final report of the High Pay Commission, 'Cheques with Balances: Why tackling high pay is in the national interest', please click here; for the interim report click here.

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