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2015 Research in Review

A look at our research from this past year, including our major projects on performance related pay and pay ratios

Last month we completed a six-month project on pay ratios, which was generously funded by the Friends Provident Foundation. This work included an essay collection from leading figures looking at pay gaps within organisations – how and why they’ve widened, what the consequences of these gaps might be, and how we could calculate an appropriate ratio.

The final report from the project, called “Just Do It”, written by Paul Marsland, addressed the case for publishing pay ratios between the top and the middle in a business or organisation, arguing that such ratios would reveal not just the gap in pay but the gap in attitudes which inform different pay levels.

The report was launched at a half-day conference, with speakers including Ruth Bender (Cranfield University), Sacha Sadan (Legal & General), Daniel Godfrey (Formerly of the Investment Association), Jane Burgess (John Lewis Partnership) and Janice Turner (Association of Member Nominated Trustees).

Other highlights from the year included:

Posted on 16 December 2015

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