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Book Launch: ‘Are Chief Executives overpaid?’ by High Pay Centre founder Deborah Hargreaves

Thursday 11 October 2018

The Wesley Hotel
81-103 Euston Street
London NW1 2EZ

Deborah Hargreaves is founder and former director of the High Pay Centre; she has also worked as business editor of the Guardian and as news and financial editor at the Financial Times.

At this event, Deborah will discuss her new book, a rigorous exposé of why pay for top executives has skyrocketed, and why this destabilises the economy and undermines social cohesion, alongside Financial Times columnist and senior editorial writer John Plender.

Deborah uses her personal insight and unparalleled knowledge to highlight the dysfunctional nature of our ‘winner-takes-all’ economy and demolishes the argument that chief executives are ‘worth it’, outlining her plan to tackle fat cat greed

The book, and the discussion on October 11th, will add crucial perspectives to the vitally important debates currently ongoing around inequality and responsible business and investment practice.

To reserve a place at the event, contact Luke Hildyard at the High Pay Centre via

Reviews of 'Are Chief Executives overpaid?' by Deborah Hargreaves

"Nothing is so politically alienating as the way society has lost control over obscene top pay. No-one is as trenchant - and readable - as Deborah Hargreaves in her expert analysis."
- Polly Toynbee, The Guardian 

"In her extremely valuable book, Deborah Hargreaves demonstrates that the explosion in executive pay overwhelmingly reflects rent extraction. That is economically damaging, because performance-related pay encourages poor decision-making, and socially destructive, because it undermines the legitimacy of capitalism."
- Martin Wolf, The Financial Times

Posted on 4 September 2018

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