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Purpose Beyond Profit: Where Next for Business?

Wednesday 26 February 2020

The Foundry
17 Oval Way
London SE11 5RR

The belief that the sole responsibility of business is to maximise profits for shareholders is losing favour. Shareholder primacy is under scrutiny for increased environmental destruction, poor labour conditions and growing inequality. The Financial Times is calling for a 'reset' of capitalism and says "the way our economic and political systems work must change, or they will perish.” Meanwhile in the US, an association of leading chief executives, the Business Roundtable, announced plans to move away from a singular focus on shareholders' interests and instead "deliver value” to all stakeholders, including consumers and wider society.

What does delivering value look like in practice, and is voluntary action enough?  Is it possible to balance purpose with profitability in a meaningful way, and what alternative models exist? 

This event will bring together commentators and practitioners from across business and economics to debate the future of business and what action is needed.

We will be joined for an interactive panel discussion by renegade economist Kate Raworth, the Financial Times’ European Economics Commentator Martin Sandbu and two businesses voices, to be confirmed.  Oxfam GB CEO Danny Sriskandarajah will chair. 

For more information and to reserve your seat, please register here.

Please be aware that spaces for the event are limited.  

Posted on 20 January 2020

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