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High Pay Centre writes to Sajid Javid, business secretary, about pay rules

2 Jul 2015: Our letter highlights a flaw in the 2013 remuneration reporting regulations. We are calling for more clarity about the relationship between companies and the remuneration consultants they use.

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Does a rich List CEO really need another £43 million?

29 Jun 2015: HPC Deputy Director Luke Hildyard's monthly blog for Left Foot Forward

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Are remuneration consultants independent?

24 Jun 2015: Companies are required to disclose details of the work done for remuneration committees by consultants and the fees paid for it. This report highlights the poor disclosure of fees for those services. It is impossible to judge whether there are conflicts of interest without better information.

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The Metrics Re-Loaded: Examining executive remuneration performance measures

10 Jun 2015: Most big company performance measures in the UK are based on profits and share price - often judging companies relative to others, so that executives can still be rewarded even if shareholders lose out.

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So-called EU ‘red tape’ actually protects vital workers’ rights

4 Jun 2015: A stronger case needs to be made for the social benefits of EU membership

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EU proposes new rules on executive pay

27 May 2015: The EU's shareholder rights directive potentially introduces some important rule changes on executive remuneration such as a limit to share-based pay and publication of a ratio between top and average

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