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Whoever you vote for, big business gets in

20 Nov 2014: We should keep business out of politics, Professor John Kay, told a High pay Centre event to launch our collection of essays on Corporate Power.

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Can pay be too high?

12 Nov 2014: HPC Deputy Director Luke Hildyard, blogs for HR Magazine

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If you can’t value it, don’t pay it

4 Nov 2014: A collection of discussion papers exploring new ideas around performance-related pay, including Peter Montagnon's plan that execs should be paid in cash and required to buy shares that they hold for 10 years

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Is performance pay a 15-year experiment that has failed?

29 Oct 2014: Performance-related pay does not work and in fact, could be counter-productive. The launch of our new report on performance pay last week prompted a lively discussion about whether bonuses and long-term incentives can produce the sort of behaviour shareholders want.

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Pay at the top has become a self-enriching racket

28 Oct 2014: The relationship between bonus increases and profit growth is virtually non-existent

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New High Pay Centre report: Performance-related Pay is nothing of the sort

23 Oct 2014: Research for High Pay Centre by Incomes Data Services shows that growth in executive pay, bonuses and incentive payments has vastly outpaced performance as measured by every indicator in common use

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