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Fatcat Tuesday: Executive pay has already overtaken your earnings for the entire year

12 Jan 2015: High Pay Centre Deputy Director Luke Hildyard's column for Left Foot Forward

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Top bosses have already made more money in 2015 than most UK workers will earn all year

5 Jan 2015: Now it’s Fatcat TUESDAY! Top bosses pay will surpass the average full-time UK worker's annual salary after just TWO DAYS!

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High Pay Centre comment on revised BG Group CEO pay deal

1 Dec 2014: News that Helge Lund's pay award is to be reduced is welcome, but the sums of money involved remain astonishing

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Video: Whoever you vote for, big business gets in

27 Nov 2014: In this short film we explore the influence of big business on the policies that affect our lives.

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