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The public are more concerned about inequality than immigration, cutting taxes or curbing benefits

24 Apr 2014: New polling found that 76 per cent of voters think big businesses has too much power over the government, HPC Head of Research Luke Hildyard writes for Left Foot Forward

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UKIP Supporters say tackling rich/poor gap is higher priority than taxes and benefits

22 Apr 2014: Party leaders warned: ‘Ignore inequality at your peril.’ 80 per cent of public put reducing pay gap as priority for government

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Can we close the pay gap?

2 Apr 2014: HPC director, Deborah Hargreaves, argues in the New York Times that we need workers on boards to tackle huge corporate pay gaps

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High Pay Centre and partner organisations write to Financial Reporting Council

24 Mar 2014: HPC, together with other investors and pay analysts, writes to regulator over concerns that companies are not fully complying with regulations on executive pay. Regulator responds to our concerns

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Executive pay schemes are not fit for purpose

6 Mar 2014: Andrew Smithers, respected City economist, told a High Pay Centre debate that executive pay schemes reward short-term behaviour rather than investment in long-term business success

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The banks are using their political influence to defend the interests of their highest-paid employee

6 Mar 2014: High Pay Centre Head of Research Luke Hildyard discusses the huge bonuses paid out at RBS

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