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Excessive executive pay is damaging the reputation of business

3 Mar 2015: Addressing dysfunctional levels of corporate pay is necessary to create the kind of stable society that business needs in order to flourish. Luke Hildyard's column for Left Foot Forward

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Excessive executive pay a threat to business, say Institute of Directors members

1 Mar 2015: Business leaders from across the UK say excessive pay for those at the top is the biggest threat to the reputation of business

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How can we tackle the pay gap in London?

Event on 16 March 2015: London hosts enormous wealth and staggering poverty. Join members of the London Assembly and the High Pay Centre to debate the stark pay gap in our capital city.

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Fawning over the wisdom of business executives feels a bit pre-2007

11 Feb 2015: HPC Deputy Director Luke Hildyard's column for Left Foot Forward asks whether business leaders are as wise as they think

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Fantasy Fatcat: Can you predict how much money the UK’s top earners will make?

4 Feb 2015: Assemble your team of bosses and bankers and win points based on how much money they rake in, with our new online game

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Made to Measure: How Opinion about Executive Performance Becomes Fact

Event on 18 March 2015: Do executives deserve their high pay packages or do they just get lucky? Our new report is based on interviews with business leaders and other experts. The author, David Bolchover, presents his findings in discussion with John Plender, senior columnist at the Financial Times.

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