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What next on top pay? Reflections on recent trends in executive pay

Event on 18 September 2019: An event to discuss the findings of the annual High Pay Centre/CIPD survey on top pay across the FTSE 100 and its implications.

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Blog: With Boris backing them, bankers are more brazen than ever

23 Jul 2019: Boris has boasted that he stuck up for bankers more than anyone - blog by HPC Head of Policy and Research, Ashley Walsh, for Left Foot Forward.

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Women at work - designing a company fit for the future

1 Jul 2019: New report by HPC founder Deborah Hargreaves asks what corporations would look like if designed from a woman's perspective

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Blog: Where is the ‘social’ wellbeing in ESG reporting?

29 May 2019: HPC Head of Policy and Research, Ashley Walsh, blogs on the quality of workforce disclosures among FTSE 100 firms.

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Top Dogs and Fatcats: the debate on high pay

13 May 2019: High Pay Centre essay featured in collection published by the Institute of Economic Affairs think tank

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HPC in the media: the myth of shareholder stewardship

9 May 2019: Our analysis of shareholder voting patterns makes the case against a corporate governance system policed by dis-engaged investors

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