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Is it time for a maximum pay ratio?

28 Jul 2014: Executive pay has rocketed from around 60 times the average worker to more than 170 times. Would a maximum pay ratio redress the balance?

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The nuclear option: We need to debate the idea of a maximum pay ratio

28 Jul 2014: With gaping differences in pay persisting, is it time discuss the more radical idea of a maximum wage? HPC Deputy Director Luke Hildyard writes for the 'i' newspaper

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Cheques and the City: pay for top lawyers and accountants

23 Jul 2014: New report from the High Pay Centre highlights the extent of multi-million pound pay packages at 'big 4' accountancy partnerships and 'magic circle' law firms

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Reform Agenda: How to make top pay fairer

14 Jul 2014: New report from High Pay Centre outlines policies to tackle excessive executive pay

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What would the neighbours say? How inequality means the UK is poorer than we think

16 Jun 2014: Analysis of OECD figures suggests the poorest fifth of the UK population are the poorest in Western Europe

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How we can tackle the UK pay gap

10 Jun 2014: The IMF has warned that low productivity is a threat to the UK recovery. That is a result of the bonus culture. It needs to be replaced by company-wide profit share. Blog by Deborah Hargreaves for the Huffington Post.

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