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Rethinking reward: can pay ratio disclosures locate the path to fair pay in post-lockdown Britain

Event on 16 July 2020: Event discussing new High Pay Centre research on the first mandatory pay ratio disclosures published in UK companies’ annual reports

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COVID19 and corporate resilience

30 Jun 2020: The pandemic is highlighting the deep flaws in the UK’s corporate governance system. Will this prompt listed companies to rethink their priorities? - A blog by Rachel Kay, a researcher at the High Pay Centre

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Executive Compensation: Covid-19—A “New Normal” Or Back To The “Old Normal” by 2022?

30 Jun 2020: A guest blog from Iain Stark, international HR leader and reward expert, on the future of executive pay post COVID19.

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Re-thinking reward: interim High Pay Centre analysis of new pay ratio reports

28 Jun 2020: Our analysis of the first 'pay ratio' reports finds some limitations to the disclosures, but also identifies the potential to raise pay for low earners through redistribution from those at the top

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High Pay Centre Briefing: Corporate Response to the Economic Shutdown

26 Apr 2020: At least 18% of FTSE 100 firms are using the UK Government's furlough scheme. 37% have cut executive pay and 33% are withdrawing or withholding dividend payments

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Blog: we can’t do more for low-paid workers without tackling excess pay at the top

9 Apr 2020: recognition of low-paid workers is welcome, but for things to change, we need tough choices not warm words. Changes to corporate governance structures, stronger trade union rights and more progressive taxation

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