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Business responds to our report on Performance-related Pay

25 Aug 2015: We wrote to the remuneration committee at every FTSE 100 Company - see who responded!

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CEO Pay up to £5 million - the media coverage

20 Aug 2015: Highlights of extensive coverage of our report showing the ongoing rise in CEO pay relative to low and middle-income earners

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New Pay Regulations: Two Years On – with Vince Cable

Event on 20 October 2015: Vince Cable will join us to discuss the effect of the 2013 Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Act and Britain's economic future

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Comment: Easyjet pay dispute exacerbated by high executive pay

10 Aug 2015: HPC Deputy Director Luke Hildyard blogs for Left Foot Forward on the importance of trade unions in combating pay inequality

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Thinking High and Low: Exploring Pay Disparities in Society

Event on 1 September 2015: Launch event for our new essay collection considering the ratios between top and bottom pay in the corporate sector.

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