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New High Pay Centre report: Performance-related Pay is nothing of the sort

23 Oct 2014: Research for High Pay Centre by Incomes Data Services shows that growth in executive pay, bonuses and incentive payments has vastly outpaced performance as measured by every indicator in common use

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Article: Is Lord Hill’s European Commission appointment really a victory for Britain?

23 Sep 2014: A British European Commissioner with a remit to stick up for the interests of the City won't necessarily serve the interests of the country as a whole. HPC Deputy Director Luke Hildyard writes for Left Foot Forward

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High Pay Centre responds to Financial Conduct Authority consultation on banking

23 Sep 2014: We argue that it is crucial to consider value and structure of bankers' pay when assessing potential threats to market integrity

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Whoever you vote for, big business gets in…

Event on 19 November 2014: The launch of our essay collection on corporate power in the UK. How the business lobby influences policy in its favour. A panel discussion with drinks

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Capitalism not Cronyism

21 Aug 2014: Interview with Simon Walker, head of the Institute of Directors, in the Daily Mail. Simon is on the committee steering our project on performance-related pay. "Over the last decade, it has quadrupled without any clear link to performance."

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