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Top Dogs and Fatcats: the debate on high pay

13 May 2019: High Pay Centre essay featured in collection published by the Institute of Economic Affairs think tank

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HPC in the media: the myth of shareholder stewardship

9 May 2019: Our analysis of shareholder voting patterns makes the case against a corporate governance system policed by dis-engaged investors

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The myth of shareholder stewardship

2 May 2019: new HPC analysis shows investors are not interested in tackling inequality and excessive executive pay

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Blog: Gender pay reporting highlights outdated business practices

2 May 2019: To cut the gender pay gap, we need to be open to different types of working, and reduce inequality between high and low earners more generally. HPC Director Luke Hildyard writes for Left Foot Forward

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Blog: Remuneration Committees are ripe for reform

23 Apr 2019: Pay setting committees have failed to address stakeholder concerns about executive pay practices. There should be an explicit mandate to deliver fairness and proportionality, with workers given a voice in the process. HPC Director Luke Hildyard's article for the Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales

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What aren’t the UK’s leading firms telling us about their workers?

11 Apr 2019: A disclosure paints a thousand words - blog by HPC Head of Policy and Research, Ashley Walsh, for Left Foot Forward.

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