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From the vaults: a maximum wage proposal from 1994

8 Oct 2015: In 1994, Rotherham MP Denis MacShane proposed a 'maximum wage' limiting executive's pay to 20 times that of their average employee. Read his proposal in the House of Commons - it's striking how many arguments still apply

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High Pay Centre appoints Stefan Stern as its new director

1 Oct 2015: New leader to take over running of High Pay Centre while Deborah Hargreaves joins the board

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Blog: Does high executive pay really have no effect on pay of ordinary workers?

28 Sep 2015: Revealing pronouncements on increased minimum wage prompt important debate about top pay

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SNP Conference Fringe Event: SNP: A catalyst for fairer pay?

Event on 15 October 2015: We'll be holding a fringe event at this year's Scottish National Party conference in Aberdeen.

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Thinking High and Low: Exploring pay disparities in society

1 Sep 2015: A new essay collection looking at pay gaps within organisations - how and why they've widened, what this means and how we might calculate an appropriate ratio. Including essays from Conservative MP David Davis, Daily Mail Associate City Editor Ruth Sunderland and Diane Coyle, Professor of Economics at Manchester University and former Vice Chair of the BBC Trust.

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Business responds to our report on Performance-related Pay

25 Aug 2015: We wrote to the remuneration committee at every FTSE 100 Company - see who responded!

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