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Pay Ratios: Just Do It

24 Nov 2015: Our latest report addresses the case for publishing pay ratios between the top and the middle in a business or organisation.

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Shareholder Rights Directive - latest developments (or lack of them)

16 Nov 2015: Progress (such as it is) is slow and uncertain on the Shareholder Rights Directive

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Talk About Low Expectations

9 Nov 2015: Our analysis of PwC's new report on bonus target disclosure by FTSE100 companies.

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Introduce pay caps on “greedy and self-centred” business fat cats, says SNP backbencher

28 Oct 2015: A write-up in the Scottish Herald of our event at the SNP Party Conference

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Author of pay reforms admits they need to go further

21 Oct 2015: Vince Cable believes his new rules on top pay have had an impact, but he would now require companies to reveal their pay ratios and give more voice to employees

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A force for fairness: How the EU improves our working lives

12 Oct 2015: The campaign for the UK to remain in the EU must appeal to those immune to the overtures of big business - HPC Deputy Director Luke Hildyard writes for Policy Network

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