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Conditions are critical: publicly-funded bail-outs for private companies

18 Mar 2020: Government bail-outs of large businesses affected by the coronavirus must include social and environmental conditions including fair pay, fair tax contributions and worker representation on company boards

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Purpose Beyond Profit: Where Next for Business?

27 Feb 2020: WATCH IN FULL: an expert panel discuss the future of business and what action is needed to tackle climate change and reduce economic inequality

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Billionaires and poverty should not coexist

27 Feb 2020: It's ludicrous to suggest that we need billionaires to incentivise work and wealth creation.

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High Pay Day 2020: Scope for fairer pay and lower inequality remains considerable

5 Jan 2020: Pay for the typical FTSE 100 CEO in 2020 has already surpassed the amount the average UK worker earns in an entire year. We can do much more to achieve a better balance between those at the top and everybody else

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Work for HPC - applications for a Researcher now open!

19 Dec 2019: We're recruiting! Find out how to apply here

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High Pay Centre briefing: regional economies across the EU

10 Dec 2019: The UK's poorest regions are falling behind the rest of Europe

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