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EU proposes new rules on executive pay

27 May 2015: The EU's shareholder rights directive potentially introduces some important rule changes on executive remuneration such as a limit to share-based pay and publication of a ratio between top and average

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Is Remuneration Consultancy Really Independent?

Event on 24 June 2015: This event will examine the commercial relationships of remuneration consultants to the companies they advise

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Academic literature review on performance-related pay

19 May 2015: No consensus on the strength of the link between executive pay and company performance comes out of our extensive literature review

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No Routine Riches: Reforms to Performance-Related Pay

13 May 2015: Major inquiry by the High Pay Centre concludes that performance-related pay is failing on its own terms

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WPP CEO paid an astonishing £43 million in 2014!

30 Apr 2015: Provocative pay package will undermine public faith in business

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A force for fairness: How can the EU help to combat inequality?

28 Apr 2015: A blog for British Influence, based on our report highlighting the key role the European Union's (EU) plays in ensuring vital workers’ rights and arguing that tackling inequality should be part of the case for Britain's EU membership

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