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Full text of joint CIPD/HPC submission to UK BEIS department Feb 2017

20 Feb 2017: This unprecedented joint submission signifies the importance of this moment: an opportunity to make meaningful, lasting reforms to executive pay and boardroom culture and practice

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Joint HPC/CIPD response to government corporate governance green paper

17 Feb 2017: Reform of pay and governance structures matter to all employees. We are pleased to make a joint submission with the CIPD

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Fat Cat Wednesday 2017

4 Jan 2017: Welcome back to work. FTSE100 bosses will have already clocked up an average annual UK salary by lunchtime today.

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Text of Simon Walker Bob Gavron Memorial Lecture 28.11.2016

28 Nov 2016: Here is the full text of the speech given by Simon Walker at the IoD for the inaugural Bob Gavron Memorial Lecture

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Meet the new boss, same as the old boss?

21 Nov 2016: Backing off from a commitment when the going gets tough makes you more of a David Brent than a Maggie T

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HPC submission to the BIS select committee corporate governance enquiry Oct 2016

2 Nov 2016: Our contribution to the BIS select committee's ongoing enquiry into corporate governance reform

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