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Corporate power has become a governing institution in its own right

26 Nov 2014: Corporations once lobbied politicians to win approval for their pet policies – now it is the other way round. HPC Deputy Director Luke Hildyard blogs for Left Foot Forward

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Whoever you vote for, big business gets in

20 Nov 2014: We should keep business out of politics, Professor John Kay, told a High pay Centre event to launch our collection of essays on Corporate Power.

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Can pay be too high?

12 Nov 2014: HPC Deputy Director Luke Hildyard, blogs for HR Magazine

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If you can’t value it, don’t pay it

4 Nov 2014: A collection of discussion papers exploring new ideas around performance-related pay, including Peter Montagnon's plan that execs should be paid in cash and required to buy shares that they hold for 10 years

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Is performance pay a 15-year experiment that has failed?

29 Oct 2014: Performance-related pay does not work and in fact, could be counter-productive. The launch of our new report on performance pay last week prompted a lively discussion about whether bonuses and long-term incentives can produce the sort of behaviour shareholders want.

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Pay at the top has become a self-enriching racket

28 Oct 2014: The relationship between bonus increases and profit growth is virtually non-existent

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