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Blog: Pay Inequality in housebuilders exemplifies our broken economic system

13 Sep 2019: On Thursday, Siobhain McDonagh, Labour MP for Mitcham and Morden, led a Commons debate on the UK’s ongoing housing crisis on the back of our new High Pay Centre report exposing the shocking scale of pay inequality among the UK’s biggest housing firms.

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Britain’s housing crisis: CEOs at house building companies earning mouthwatering sums

4 Sep 2019: Research shows scale of pay inequality in the housebuilding industry

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Blog: The average CEO-worker pay ratio is down – so are shareholders winning the debate?

29 Aug 2019: The average CEO-worker pay ratio is down – so are shareholders winning the debate against excessive pay?

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Pay for CEOs of UK’s biggest companies falls by 13%

20 Aug 2019: Investor stewardship and concerns about inequality are beginning to register - but economic inequalities persist as CEO's continue to enjoy pay awards 117 times larger than the average worker

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What next on top pay? Reflections on recent trends in executive pay

Event on 18 September 2019: An event to discuss the findings of the annual High Pay Centre/CIPD survey on top pay across the FTSE 100 and its implications.

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Blog: With Boris backing them, bankers are more brazen than ever

23 Jul 2019: Boris has boasted that he stuck up for bankers more than anyone - blog by HPC Head of Policy and Research, Ashley Walsh, for Left Foot Forward.

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