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The latest news and views from the High Pay Centre.

Purpose Beyond Profit: Where Next for Business?

27 Feb 2020: WATCH IN FULL: an expert panel discuss the future of business and what action is needed to tackle climate change and reduce economic inequality

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Billionaires and poverty should not coexist

27 Feb 2020: It's ludicrous to suggest that we need billionaires to incentivise work and wealth creation.

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High Pay Day 2020: Scope for fairer pay and lower inequality remains considerable

5 Jan 2020: Pay for the typical FTSE 100 CEO in 2020 has already surpassed the amount the average UK worker earns in an entire year. We can do much more to achieve a better balance between those at the top and everybody else

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Work for HPC - applications for a Researcher now open!

19 Dec 2019: We're recruiting! Find out how to apply here

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Maximum Pay Ratios

5 Nov 2019: HPC Director Luke Hildyard's essay published by Autonomy and Verso in 'The New Economy Starter Pack'. Why it's time to rethink income, not just at the bottom of the ladder, but at the top too.

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Blog: We have to stop the demonisation of ‘unskilled’ immigration

22 Oct 2019: Policymakers' hero worship of "skilled" immigration has failed - blog by HPC Executive Director, Luke Hildyard for Left Foot Forward

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Blog: Is the Thomas Cook boss right to defend his high pay?

3 Oct 2019: Is Peter Fankhauser, boss of now-collapsed Thomas Cook, right to defend his high pay and bonuses?

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What next on top pay? Reflections on recent trends in executive pay

2 Oct 2019: Against the backdrop of a fall in CEO pay, our expert panel discussed the implications

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Blog: Should the tapered annual allowance for tax on pensions be abolished?

2 Oct 2019: Should the tapered annual allowance for tax on pensions be abolished?

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Blog: The average CEO-worker pay ratio is down – so are shareholders winning the debate?

29 Aug 2019: The average CEO-worker pay ratio is down – so are shareholders winning the debate against excessive pay?

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Blog: With Boris backing them, bankers are more brazen than ever

23 Jul 2019: Boris has boasted that he stuck up for bankers more than anyone - blog by HPC Head of Policy and Research, Ashley Walsh, for Left Foot Forward.

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Blog: Where is the ‘social’ wellbeing in ESG reporting?

29 May 2019: HPC Head of Policy and Research, Ashley Walsh, blogs on the quality of workforce disclosures among FTSE 100 firms.

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HPC in the media: the myth of shareholder stewardship

9 May 2019: Our analysis of shareholder voting patterns makes the case against a corporate governance system policed by dis-engaged investors

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Blog: Gender pay reporting highlights outdated business practices

2 May 2019: To cut the gender pay gap, we need to be open to different types of working, and reduce inequality between high and low earners more generally. HPC Director Luke Hildyard writes for Left Foot Forward

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Blog: Remuneration Committees are ripe for reform

23 Apr 2019: Pay setting committees have failed to address stakeholder concerns about executive pay practices. There should be an explicit mandate to deliver fairness and proportionality, with workers given a voice in the process. HPC Director Luke Hildyard's article for the Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales

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