Summer Reading – Enough: Why it’s time to Abolish the Super Rich? Book, by HPC Director Luke Hildyard

Podcasts, event recordings and articles discussing and reviewing the book

HPC Director Luke Hildyard’s book “Enough: Why it’s Time to Abolish the Super-Rich” was  published in March. You can listen to Luke discuss the book on ‘the San Francisco experience’ and Radicals in Conversation podcasts, as well at an event hosted by the Fairness Foundation, alongside Ingrid Robeyns the author of ‘Limitarianism’ and Graham Hobson of Patriotic Millionaires.

Luke has also written for asking “who are the actual sober realists in the inequality debate?” and for ‘Shepherd‘ discussing other interesting books relating to the super-rich.

Martin Sandbu recently reviewed the book for the Financial Times. At 160 pages, it’s a plausible beach read and was described by the Economist as containing ‘flashes of wit.’  You can buy a copy of the book at 30% discount, visit the publisher’s website and enter the code ‘HILDYARD30’