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The State of Pay: One year on from The High Pay Commission

Download the latest High Pay Centre report 'The State of Pay: One year on from The High Pay Commission'

In the past year business behaviour has been under scrutiny as never before. Large-scale corporate scandals such as interest-rate rigging at Barclays, money laundering at HSBC and the latest alleged manipulation in the energy markets as well as some excessive pay awards, have undermined trust in business.

A year ago, the High Pay Commission called for companies to simplify their top pay packages. In this report we ask, what has changed? What developments have been seen over the past year and what still needs to be achieved.

Download the full report below.

For comparisons with the final report of The High Pay Commission 'Cheques with Balances: Why tackling high pay is in the national interest', please click here.

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Posted on 3 December 2012

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