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Top to Bottom: New High Pay Centre report outlines the potential for wealth redistribution

Analysis of UK incomes outlines the concentration of wealth across a tiny proportion of the population, and outlines pathways to fairer earnings

New research published by the High Pay Centre reveals that even a modest level of wealth redistribution could make a substantial difference to the standard of living for low-earners, and would not be greatly missed by those at the top.

For example, 10% redistributed from those earning £150k+ (about 0.9% of the population) to the bottom 25% would equate to an average 55p per hour pay rise.

Other key findings include:

The report highlights the urgent need for business leaders, bankers and others at the top end of the income scale to engage in the debate about what constitutes a fair reward, and whether existing levels of poverty and inequality are acceptable in an advanced economy such as the UK

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Posted on 4 March 2013

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