CEO pay increased by £500k in 2022 – the reaction

Front page coverage for HPC’s annual CEO pay report as FTSE 100 pay increased by 16% in 2022

This year’s HPC review of executive pay, showed FTSE 100 pay increasing for the third year in a row, from £3.38 million to £3.91 million.

In a year when the Governor of the Bank of England called for wage restraint for workers to prevent inflation, as well as LSE CEO Julia Hoggett arguing FTSE CEO pay was too low, the Financial Times led with the story on its front page.

News outlets including, BBC, the Times, Guardian, Daily Mail, Mirrorthe Sun and Sky News all covered the report. HPC spokespeople were also interviewed on a number of tv and radio shows including BBC Radio 5, Channel 5 News and Talk Radio and Times Radio drivetime shows. The topic was also debated by commentators on ITV’s Good Morning Britain.

Numerous political parties, politicians and media personalities spoke out against the growing inequality represented by our report including the Green Party, Carol Vorderman, former Labour Treasury official Liam Byrne, James O’Brien, Owen Jones and Zarah Sultana. The Financial Times reported that the Labour Party refused to comment on the report’s findings.

Luke Hildyard discussing the report on Channel 5 News