Getting the story straight: university chairs’ attempts to deal with Adonis probe in public domain

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As the pressure mounts on universities to explain excessive vice-chancellor salaries, the Committee of University Chairs’ (CUC) response has been revealed. The text of a recent email is published here.

From: CUC Secretary
Date: 21 August 2017 at 16:06:17 BST
Subject: Responding to proportionate pay query

Dear XX

You may have received a letter from Lord Adonis, requesting information in respect of your policy on proportionate pay. We think it would be helpful if there was a broadly consistent response from CUC members. With that in mind, members might find the following basis for a response helpful.

We would suggest that any reply points out that as an exempt charity, the lead regulator of the University for charitable purposes is HEFCE and not the Charity Commission, and Charity Commission requirements in this area do not therefore apply to the University.

Every University has adopted HEFCE’s accounts disclosure requirements on senior pay for many years and HEFCE has only recently issued guidance on senior staff remuneration arrangements (HEFCE Circular 17/2017). This guidance includes a reference for HE institutions to “have regard to” the ACEVO good pay guide, which is addressed to charities in general. It would be sensible to confirm that your University is satisfied that it has appropriately considered HEFCE’s advice and met the requirements set out in its guidance, or, if the new guidance was not in place in time for your last pay review, then confirm that your University is satisfied that it has appropriately considered HEFCE’s latest advice and is working towards meeting the requirements set out in its guidance.

If I can help in any other way, please do not hesitate to get in touch

Executive Secretary, CUC