If you can’t value it, don’t pay it

A collection of discussion papers exploring new ideas around performance-related pay, including Peter Montagnon's plan that execs should be paid in cash and required to buy shares that they hold for 10 years Prof Sandy…

Capitalism not Cronyism

Interview with Simon Walker, head of the Institute of Directors, in the Daily Mail. Simon is on the committee steering our project on performance-related pay. "Over the last decade, it has quadrupled without any clear…

Is it time for a maximum pay ratio?

Executive pay has rocketed from around 60 times the average worker to more than 170 times. Would a maximum pay ratio redress the balance? The minimum wage was recently voted the most successful Government policy…

Reform Agenda: How to make top pay fairer

New report from High Pay Centre outlines policies to tackle excessive executive pay The Government should consider requiring companies to cap executive pay at a fixed multiple of their lowest-paid employee, according to a new…

How we can tackle the UK pay gap

The IMF has warned that low productivity is a threat to the UK recovery. That is a result of the bonus culture. It needs to be replaced by company-wide profit share. Blog by Deborah Hargreaves…