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Webinar – A fair deal for workers: what will responsible business mean post COVID19?

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Tuesday 9 June 2020

Zoom webinar


Katie Jacobs – Business Journalist

Duncan Brown –  Independent Reward Adviser and Researcher; Visting Professor, University of Greenwich; Principal Associate, Institute of Employment Studies

Alice Martin – Labour Specialist at PIRC

The coronavirus pandemic and consequent economic shutdown represent an existential threat to many businesses. Yet at the same time, the crisis has highlighted the vital work done by some of the lowest-paid workers across the economy, and the wider painful economic divisions afflicting the UK. The poorest people are simultaneously more likely to be infected by the coronavirus and also less secure in their employment as a result of the shutdown.

Policymakers from all political perspectives have highlighted the need to rethink the way we value particular roles. Public tolerance for employers – particularly those who have received public money through the various Government support schemes – who are seen to pay poorly or treat their staff unfairly is likely to be low. With financial positions under incredible pressure, very high top pay will be seen as even more of an indulgence.

But will these hopefully temporary challenges result in permanent change to pay practices, employment culture and the management and governance of the way we work? And should they? This webinar will discuss how the crisis has affected thinking about pay, work and governance and consider the imperative for change.