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What next on top pay? Reflections on recent trends in executive pay

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Wednesday 18 September 2019

House of Commons Room A
1 Parliament Street
London SW1A 0AA

Executive pay levels continue to be a source of major controversy and a priority concern for policymakers. In the past year we have seen changes to the corporate governance code; the deadline for reporting of gender pay differentials and the confirmation of proposals to require the reporting of CEO/worker pay ratios.

But what impact are these reforms and the broader debate about pay, inequality and fairness in society having? Are further policy interventions are needed to ensure fairer more proportionate pay practices across our leading companies? Or have boards and investors now got the message?

This event will discuss the findings of the annual High Pay Centre/CIPD survey on top pay across the FTSE 100, identifying trends, analysing their causes and debating the future state of pay. It will also examine the wider developments in corporate governance and investor stewardship and asking how policymakers and other stakeholders should respond.

High Pay Centre Speakers:

• Siobhain McDonagh MP

• Deborah Gilshan – Founder, the 100% Club

• Janet Williamson – Senior Policy Officer, Corporate Governance, Trades Union Congress

• Ashley Walsh – Head of Policy and Research, High Pay Centre

• Luke Hildyard – Director, High Pay Centre (Chair)

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