WPP CEO paid an astonishing £43 million in 2014!

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Provocative pay package will undermine public faith in business

Commenting on the disclosure of WPP CEO Sir Martin Sorrell’s £43 million pay package, High Pay Centre Deputy Director Luke Hildyard said:

Sir Martin Sorrell has been a successful Chief Executive, but WPP apply that defence each year to increasingly provocative pay packages and it can only go so far. With Sorrell now paid over 1000 times as much as his average employee, they seem to have disregarded any interest in fairness or proportionality a long time ago.

The company really ought to think about what they’re doing to the wider reputation of business – they’re essentially ‘trolling’ the public.When £40 million pay packages are being chucked around while incomes for most workers struggle to recover to pre-crisis levels, the charge that the economy is only working for those at the top appears to be well-founded.