Whoever you vote for, big business gets in

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New essay collection on the political power wielded by big business

Our latest publication details the extent of corporate power. The publication contains a foreword by High Pay Centre Deputy Director Luke Hildyard, as well as contributions from:

  • Management writer Simon Caulkin on the rise of Shareholder Value, and how it enabled a tiny elite of managers to gain control over vast corporations and reward themselves with outsized pay packages
  • Corporate Governance expert Dina Medland on how to strengthen workforce democracy and give workers a greater say in the running of companies
  • Stefan Stern, Visiting Professor at Cass Business School, on the ‘revolving door’ between business and Government
  • Tamasin Cave of Spinwatch on how companies lobby Parliament
  • Tax expert Richard Murphy on the threat to democracy posed by the corporate capture of tax policy

The report was launched at an event with the essay wuthors, plus leading economics and finance expert Professor John Kay as well as stakeholders from business, trade unions and NGOs. For full details, click here

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