2022 in review

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Read our review of 2022, and a summary of our reports, articles and media coverage below

At this time of year in both 2021 and 2020, the threat of a new Covid variant threatening lives and economic disruption was top of the news agenda.

A year on Covid may no longer be the main story, but the sense of chaos and crisis are still very present.

The Covid lockdowns, war in Ukraine, a productivity crisis and the calamitous Truss budget have combined to leave the UK economy in quite a bad place, with high inflation and low wage growth meaning we are facing the biggest drop in living standards on record.

This makes it unsurprising that this December we are seeing the biggest strikes for a generation, as workers across sectors, particularly in the public sector (whose wages have been hit the hardest in recent years) call for inflation busting pay rises, all while the government refuses to support negotiations.

Our work on inequality and high pay, however, shows that the pain is not being felt equally across the economy, as CEO pay has more than bounced back after a brief period during the pandemic when the gap between CEO and worker pay shrunk.

Meanwhile the number of billionaires in the UK is still growing, and calls for increasing taxes on wealth continue to make news headlines and resonate with the general public.

But if Jeremy Hunt’s recently announced reforms to the City are anything to go by, which includes removing the cap on bankers’ bonuses, serious action on tackling inequality is unlikely to be high up on the government’s agenda in the new year.


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